Metabolomics has matured over the past 20 years. Led by UC Davis researchers, more than 1,000 identified metabolites are now routinely screened in plasma, tissue, urine or cell samples. Such metabolite data is used for diagnosing subtypes of patient groups, to understand the mechanisms of the onset and progression of diseases, and to be used in the context of Precision Medicine.

The time has come to use metabolomics in clinical settings.

UC Davis has now teamed up with ThermoFisher Scientific and opened a laboratory at the UC Davis Clinical Campus in Sacramento to showcase how clinical metabolomics can be used in a fast, cost-effective and routine way for both cross-sectional and longitudinal population cohort research. Together, we will utilize new technologies ranging from sample preparation, automation in sample tracking, fast data acquisition, and cloud-based data processing. The new Center is an extension of the established facilities in the Genome Center of the Davis campus, but focuses on research that translates preclinical findings to clinical use. The new Center will work with UC Davis medical faculty and staff, but also with selected partner consortia and ThermoFisher clients in establishing rapid turnaround, 24/7 metabolomic services. We will present results in conferences, scientific papers and in collaborations with our clinical partners.